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RGA Claims Management is supporting the Cubs by wearing Cubby "RGA" blue.

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Red Nose Day - Laugh. Give. Save a kid.

Team RGA is joining in the "Red Nose Day fund raiser". Red Nose Day has through the power of entertainment, raised awareness and money to help kids who need us most at home and around the world. Red Nose Day is on a mission to lift kids out of poverty and has raised over $1 billion globally in the last 25 years.

Mitigating business interruption is imperative, but so is understanding the human effect a property damage claim can have. For this special group of individuals who so selflessly give back to the community, our approach is knowledgeable, effective, and dedicated.


Rio Linda Church Got Flood Insurance Just In Time

Heavy rain brought flood waters to Rio Linda neighborhoods on Tuesday night¸ surprising many residents with closed roads on the drive home. “This all is from that rain storm last night!” said Tom Morris¸ who has lived in Rio Linda for 30 years. “It rained so hard that I had just cleaned all of my gutters and none of the gutters in my house could hold it.” Morris told CBS13 the water looked like it was receding Tuesday night¸ so seeing Dry Creek flooded on Wednesday was unexpected. “It was so bad that cars were getting literally stuck because they could not make it through the water¸” said Jon Sowul¸ who had to take a detour around flood water on his way home from dinner.

Ontario¸ Oregon To Declare State Of Emergency

Ontario is the latest area town to declare the need for a state of emergency in the wake of winter storms that have battered the Treasure Valley¸ leaving ice¸ floods and devastation in their wake. Ontario requested the emergency declaration at 11 a.m. Wednesday. City officials described the recent winter weather chaos in the 11¸000-population town as "unprecedented in the last 30 years." "With multiple building collapses¸ storm drain clearance needs¸ and the city’s equipment and personnel fully exhausted¸ the city has need of utilizing additional resources and funding¸" city manager Adam J. Brown wrote in a press release.

Yonkers Rooftop Parking Lot Collapses Under Bobcat

Five people were injured in a construction accident in Yonkers Wednesday. Authorities say a Bobcat machine fell through the roof of the National Wholesale Liquidators store on Central Park Avenue¸ with the Yonkers Fire Department calling it a "major roof collapse." "We just looked up¸ and the whole roof was collapsing on top of the people¸" customer Alejandro Tellez said. There was a huge hole nearly 30 feet by 40 feet¸ and with dozens of people inside at the time of the accident¸ officials say it’s amazing more people weren’t seriously hurt. "It was panic¸" one customer said. "Everybody was screaming."

San Antonio Home Sustains Major Fire Damage; A Tortoise Is At Fault

A 150-pound pet tortoise is being blamed for a fire that caused heavy damage to the home of a neighbor on the city’s far Northwest Side. The fire broke out shortly after midnight Tuesday in the 9700 block of Village Gate. Firefighters said it appears the tortoise knocked over a heat lamp inside its outdoor cage and started a fire that spread to the home next door. The fire then spread moving into the walls and attic by the time firefighters were able to extinguish it. They said the fire also caused minimal damage to the pet owner’s home.

NOAA: U.S. Natural Disasters In 2016 Caused $46B In Damages

The United States experienced 15 “weather and climate disasters” last year – each with losses exceeding US$1 billion – for a total of US$46 billion¸ the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported on Monday. The disasters¸ which included eight severe storms¸ four inland floods¸ one wildfire (affecting multiple areas)¸ one drought (affecting multiple areas) and Hurricane Matthew¸ claimed a total of 138 lives¸ NOAA said in a press release. This is the second highest number of disasters experienced in one year¸ with double the record number of inland flooding events for one year¸ the agency said¸ adding that since 1980¸ the U.S. has sustained more than 200 weather and climate disasters that exceeded US$1.1 trillion in overall damages.

Ferocious Winds Batter Vehicles¸ Buildings Around Colorado Springs

A powerful winter storm system Monday kicked off a week of expected wild weather in Colorado¸ hammering Colorado Springs with hurricane-force winds that uprooted trees and forced Fort Carson soldiers to shelter in place¸ and dumping so much snow in the high country that a ski area had to close. On the Western Slope¸ a state snowplow slid off a roadway in freezing rain and a 40-mile stretch of mountain passes was shuttered because of skier-triggered and natural avalanches. “You only get this set of systems every few years¸” said Todd Dankers¸ a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Boulder.

Florida Claims From Hurricane Matthew Exceed $800M

Insurance claims in Florida from early October’s Hurricane Matthew have grown to $803 million¸ according to the latest numbers from the state Office of Insurance Regulation. The total¸ tied to 115¸560 individual claims made through Friday¸ is up from $729 million in early December. The state agency reported 49 percent of the claims have resulted in payments and that 85 percent of the claims cases have been closed. Volusia¸ Duval¸ Brevard¸ St. Johns and Flagler counties represented most of the claims.

Montana Legislator Challenges Insurer Cancellations Over Zero Dollar Claims

After the damaging May 18¸ 2014¸ hailstorm pummeled roofs all over Billings¸ insurance companies refused to renew about 3¸000 homeowners’ policies. The reason given? They had filed three claims in three years¸ including claims for which the insurance company paid out money — and claims for which the company paid nothing. In the 2015 Legislature¸ Sen. Mary McNally¸ D-Billings¸ proposed an end to counting “zero dollar claims” against insurance customers. Her bill included other consumer protection measures. Although it was supported by state insurance commissioner Monica Lindeen¸ a Democrat¸ and passed by the Senate¸ that bill died in the 2015 House.

Severe Storms Hit Northern California With Water And Wind Damage

Stranded motorists were pulled from cars stuck on flooded Northern California roads as thunderstorms arrived Sunday as part of a massive winter storm that could be the biggest to slam the region in more than a decade. The massive storm is expected to bring massive amounts of rainfall and tropical storm-force winds from the coast inland to Nevada. The extent of injuries from the storm is not yet clear¸ but officials said at least one woman was killed by a falling tree amid high winds. CBS San Francisco reports the woman was killed by the falling tree while walking on a San Ramon golf course on Saturday.

Michigan Governor Makes Disaster Declaration Due To Sinkhole

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency Friday for Macomb County due to last month’s collapse of a massive sewage line that has caused a football field-sized sinkhole in one of its communities. The disaster declaration makes state resources available to the county and communities affected by the sewer collapse. It also raises the possibility that state¸ and possibly federal funds¸ could be secured to pay for some of the work and costs. The sewer collapse was discovered Christmas Eve after a family in Fraser¸ north of Detroit¸ awoke to find their home sinking. That house and two others have been condemned.

Flooding In Reno Threatens Hundreds Of Homes

Washoe County says that the Truckee River is beginning to level off in downtown Reno. The river is expected to crest in Sparks some time between 6 a.m. and noon on Monday. REMSA has reported no flood-related injuries¸ but has responded to various rescue situations. The Truckee River Flood Management Authority has released a set of maps showing the simulated flooding¸ you can review those maps here. Lyon County authorities say eight structures are damaged¸ and 200-400 homes remain threatened.

Wind Damage Prompts State Of Emergency In Georgia County

The Dougherty County Commission on Tuesday declared the county to be in a state of emergency¸ triggering the implementation of the county’s Emergency Operations Plan. The declaration was in reaction to a line of strong thunderstorms with high winds and possible tornadoes that passed through the area overnight¸ resulting in one death. Later in the afternoon¸ the Albany City Commission imposed a 7 p.m.-7 a.m. curfew to keep gawkers and those without a legitimate reason to be out away from storm-damaged property. \

Severe Weather Damages Homes¸ Businesses In Louisiana

A storm system moving across the South has blown out skylights in a Wal-Mart in Marksville¸ Louisiana¸ sending water and glass cascading onto shoppers. Marksville Fire Chief Jerry Bordelon says the Monday storm also picked up a fireworks stand in front of the store and mangled it¸ tossing it 30 or 40 yards. Bordelon says no one was injured. People inside the store were evacuated and it was closed afterward. A number of other buildings in Avoyelles (Uh-VOY’-uhls) Parish were damaged¸ including houses that trees fell through and a building that lost its roof.

Runaway Dump Truck Hits Child¸ House In North Carolina

The man charged in the death of a 5-year-old Hillsborough boy who was hit by an unattended dump truck that rolled down a hill worked for a local contracting company with a suspended license¸ documents show. Alejandro Suarez¸ 28¸ of Angier¸ is charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle in the death of Everett Copeland on Monday. Authorities said that the truck was being loaded with dirt at the time but that it “rolled away from its work area.” The vehicle then rolled down a hill¸ hit a light pole and then hit 5-year-old Everett Copeland before crashing into the house at 205 Dogwood Bloom Lane.

4 Die When Tornado Strikes Alabama Community

Four people died after a tree fell on their mobile home in Alabama and a man drowned in Florida after severe weather swept across the South on Monday. The four people who died were all in one structure in the Rehobeth¸ Alabama area¸ near the Florida border¸ according to Alabama’s governor¸ Robert Bentley. An electrical fire also struck the Rehobeth Baptist Church during the storm¸ causing damages to the church and surrounding buildings¸ according to Kris Ware from the Houston County Emergency Management Agency.

With Infrastructure Built On Bots And Apps¸ Lemonade Is Set To Conquer

Lemonade Insurance Company announced on Friday that it has filed for a licence in 46 states and the District of Columbia in the United States¸ in addition to New York¸ where it was licensed three months ago. Lemonade¸ the renters and homeowners insurance company powered by artificial intelligence and behavioural economics¸ said in a press release that it “hopes to become available to 97% of the U.S. population during 2017.” “Staffing Lemonade with bots instead of brokers allows for rapid expansion¸” said Shai Wininger¸ the company’s president and co-founder¸ in the release.

Abilene To Pursue Hailstorm Claims Through Intergovernmental Risk Pool

The Development Corporation of Abilene voted Wednesday to move forward with insurance claims related to property damage from the 2014 hailstorm. The board authorized DCOA CEO Kent Sharp to negotiate and execute any agreements or legal action necessary regarding the entity’s property damage insurance coverage with the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool. Among the DCOA-owned buildings that were damaged were Blue Cross Blue Shield¸ various airport properties¸ some facilities at the business park and other industrial properties¸ Sharp said.

Tennessee Freshwater Pearl Museum Razed By Fire

Bob Keast and his family plan to rebuild the Tennessee Freshwater Pearl Museum¸ but not without sifting through the damage left from the fire that destroyed the decades-old building. A fire Tuesday night¸ which Benton County Emergency Management Agency director Richard Kee said is believed to have started in the shop behind the museum¸ completely destroyed the building. But everyone is OK¸ and the items can be replaced¸ Keast said. "Now it’s a total wipeout. Burned to the ground¸" Keast said.

New Jersey Furniture Store Consumed By Flames

A huge fire destroyed a furniture store in Union City¸ New Jersey¸ on Wednesday morning. It was consuming the Discount Kennedy Furniture and Bedding store on John F. Kennedy Boulevard near 14th Street. Flames were seen going through the roof and smoke was visible for miles. Firefighters responded to the fire. Their response had gone to three alarms by noon. The fire is under control but firefighter stayed on the scene to extinguish hot spots. One firefighter was hurt. New York City officials sent out an alert that residents in the city could see or smell smoke from the fire since it was taking place just west of the city¸ across the Hudson River.

Southern States Face Increasing Risk For Wildfires

Fire is as common to Western states as the drought-dried shrubs that feed the flames. Wildfires¸ long considered a problem exclusive to the West¸ now threaten many other parts of the country as extreme weather becomes more commonplace and more people live in areas at risk for wildfire. Now¸ dry conditions are putting Southern states at risk for more fires. Tennessee has had more than 1¸400 fires this year on state and private lands. An additional 62 fires were reported on federal lands owned by the Forest Service and National Park Service.


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